The band for Balkan songs and dances ‘Iglika’ was formed in the spring of 2001 at the institute of Slavic philology at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. The manager of the group and in the same time its choreographer is Mrs Katarzyna Witek a graduate of Bulgarian philology at the Jagiellonian University.

‘Iglika’ is an amateur formation collecting all the enthusiasts of the Balkan folklore. Its members count around 30 students and alumni of the Cracow Universities. The main purpose of the band is to popularize the culture, songs and dances of the Balkan countries. In its repertoire one can find songs and dances from different region of Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Greece, etc.

‘Iglika’ lightens up a lot of official culture events and meetings organized by the Bulgarian Embassy in Warsaw, The Bulgarian culture institute, The Mazovian center for culture and arts, The Community for education and culture ‘St. Cyril and St. Methodius’ in Cracow and also other culture institutions in Poland. The band has over 30 concerts in its history background. In March 2006 it took part in the famous media initiative ‘Europe – you can like it’ led by TVP2, devoted to the Balkan conflicts.

‘Iglika’ organizes dancing workshops, meetings with the Balkan folklore, different folklore events and concerts in a way to promote the Balkan culture in Poland. The band takes part and connects with pleasure to any kind of cultural initiatives.

Every year there are a lot of new enthusiasts joining the group who enjoy folklore. They have been given the opportunity to take part in weekly rehearsals, workshops and concerts. This gives them the exceptional chance to develop their own interests, skills and also spend their free time in a kind community while having fun. However good results also demand hard work, which has always been rewarded by the applause of the public after any concert.